Why do you want to join in D2C Club?

Experience a one-of-a-kind platform that enables you to connect, learn, and flourish alongside like-minded D2C brand owners while benefiting from the invaluable guidance of our industry-leading consultant, Nivetha.

How does our D2C Entrepreneur Club work?

  1. Join our WhatsApp Group: Upon becoming a member of our D2C Entrepreneur Club, you’ll gain access to our exclusive WhatsApp group. Here, you can freely post your questions, ideas or thoughts.
  2. Personalized Guidance: Nivetha, will personally respond to your posts, providing expert insights and tailored recommendations.
  3. Interactive Community: Engage with like-minded individuals in our vibrant community. Share experiences, participate in discussions, and learn from each other’s successes and challenges.


  1. How long will the access be granted?

You’ll enjoy lifetime access to our D2C Entrepreneur Club, ensuring ongoing support and engagement with the community.

  1. Do I need to renew my membership monthly?

No monthly renewals are required. Once you become a member, your access is secured for a lifetime.

  1. How will I get the WhatsApp group link?

Upon successful payment, you will receive the WhatsApp group link via email. Join the group to start your journey within our vibrant community.

  1. Is this a course?

No, this is not a course. Our focus is to create and nurture a thriving D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) community. You can share ideas, seek guidance, and engage with like-minded individuals.

  1. Whom should I contact if I have any queries?

Feel free to email us at niv[email protected] for any inquiries or assistance you may need.